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The Power Of Effective Signage: Boosting Business Success

By October 25, 2023 No Comments

Since it can take five to seven impressions for a consumer to remember your brand, sign boards are a critical tool for businesses to build more than just awareness but engage your customer base and control the experience you want your stakeholders to receive.

In the face of time and money-intensive investments in paid media, social media, EDMs and traditional billboards, sign boards have a unique staying power to attract new customers and amplify your word-of-mouth advertising. Read on to understand how big an impact it can make on your business.

How signage drives results

Whether it’s an illuminated sign registering your business at an address, an informational tool or a sign board with a call to action to encourage your customers to perform a certain task, they have a unique ability to command eyes and bring increased leads or first-time visitors to your storefront.

A FedEx study surveying 1,000 people found that almost 76% of respondents (eight in ten) had visited a store they had never patronised before solely because of signage generating new interest. But increasingly, 75% had told their social networks about their new discovery, believing that effective, clear and attractive signage was a marker of a business’ quality, convenience or reliability.

More than that, 67% had made a direct purchase as a result of signage, showing sign boards had a measurable effect in increasing sales, particularly impulse purchases and reducing friction in completing a transaction.

A study from The Economic Center at the University of Cincinnati found that signage played a key role in consumer choices. After surveying 225 organisations that had updated their signage’s design, enhanced its visibility and increased the number and size of sign boards within five years experienced:

  • 65% increase in sales
  • 62% rise in transitions 
  • 59% growth in profit

Only professional sign boards yield positive results

Responsible for making the best impression, sign boards can act as your most valuable salesperson, but a poor design that is illegible, out of date, features inconsistent branding and weakly communicates its message can also detract from your positioning and consumer trust.

From that same FedEx study, 60% of respondents found that no signage was a strong deterrent to entering a business premises, as did 50% of people who would avoid stores with unattractive designs, grammatical errors and mistakes.

Discover sign boards you can rely on at Seven Print

Instantly grabbing your attention and communicating your offering, sign boards are an effective tool to boost business success. If you want to experience the difference they can make for yourself, contact the Seven Print team for custom signage and display signs to generate a rewarding first impression.

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